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The G.U.G. movement stands for shedding light and encouraging individuals to find their true purpose through creativity and self-love. Life will sometimes show you things that may not be so positive or incredibly challenging, but what appears to be negative or difficult may be a positive epiphany in disguise. Rudeeely Arrogant is here to help you recognize your blessings during the germination period of your ascension. Before we get into all of that, first and most importantly, we must hip you on the lingo.

So, in this realm Rudeee means Polite and Arrogant means Humble. We are all creators and as creators we can make anything how we choose to see it; our perceptions may take some convincing before others see things from the intended creative perceptive, but hey that’s part of the journey of being a trendsetter! You may ask or even say hey the imagination of Lu Cain, or Lu Cain for short is crazy! Indeed, but spiritually, polarity brings forth an essence of balance. So maybe, Rudeeee and Polite is nothing but an illusion of contrast and really is the same word. The spectrum of energy and level of vibration will determine the outcome emotion. Therefore, Rudeee and Polite are one, it depends on how you project your vibration! Same goes with Arrogant and Humble. Now you have the lingo down, let us get to the nitty-gritty of Rudeee Talk.

Rudeee Talk is a motivational platform spreading positive energy to the Rudeee community every Sunday at 9am PST from your clothes! Yup, you heard right! Through your clothes! Rudeeely Arrogant Clothing is introducing to the fashion world, clothes that communicate with you. Each piece of Rudeeely Arrogant Clothing has a scan technology tag. Once the tag is scanned from your smart device, an inspiring message or video will appear, with the intent to empower the Rudeee community with inspiration for the upcoming week or whatever adversity is being witnessed. Even better when it comes to exclusive merchandise and events, the scan tag will be the technology used to broadcast the information. Welcome to Rudeee Culture!

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