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Life is nothing but a mere illusion and for one to find their own “TRUTH” one must “Black Out” (meaning find your own understanding). Your “TRUTH” is your “TRUTH” and that is what matters the most. To walk in the light, you must first endure the fire. (The fire stands for the rebirth, not to be physically reborn, but mentally) taking full responsibility for your actions and life.  

Going down the rabbit hole (meaning self-exploration) can only be done alone. The simulation we call life will seem to go against you, but actually, your ascension is taking place. Self-discovery is a freedom that unlocks your creativity and most importantly your love for your newfound self. 

We are in this simulation to learn, heal, and create! “Fuck Stress & Live Life” was a saying that I created when I was homeless in 2017. I surrendered all of my worldly belongings and manipulated the simulation to work in my favor. The simulation will only work in your favor if you question everything, and no matter what, stick to your plan towards freedom.  

 Everyone’s path is different because everyone’s talents and journey are catered toward an individual’s destiny. I am a living testimony if you “Black Out” and search for your “Truth”, your actions will gain you freedom. Design yourself do not let the simulation design you. 

Rudeeely Arrogant Clothing and the Grunge Urban Gothic Movement is my gift to the simulation. The Modern Edgy Stylish vibe is the newly proclaimed status symbol for self-love, creativity, and purpose. People, you are art! Streetwear is your paint, your paintbrush, your canvas!  

Fuck Stress & Live Life  

The imagination of Lu Cain   

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