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Jeans are one of those garments that are worn and enjoyed by the world. As pioneer of the G.U.G (Grunge Urban Gothic) Movement, Rudeeely Arrogant must contribute to the jean world, but in a Modern Edgy Stylish fashion. Designer, the imagination of Lu Cain, or Lu Cain for short, aims to innovate denim by adding primal characteristics to jean designs. Hence, the name created for this collection Primal Jeanery.

Denim, thread, and rivets are taken to a whole different level! The sex appeal and rebellious clothing symbol of the 1950s, jeans were a garment worn by actors, bad boys, and outlaws. Marlon Brando and James Dean would be proud of their evolution. Rudeeely Arrogant aim is not to go so far back in history when jeans were banned, but hey, we will thread that line very closely.

Cool, comfortable, durable, sexy, modern, edgy, and stylish is the vibe for Rudeeely Arrogant’s Primal Jeanery denim. If you are a shy soul, these jeans may not be for you. Hmmmm, or maybe you might need a pair to bring out the inner beast lying dormant in you! Caution and you can take this warning lightly, Rudeeely Arrogant’s jeans will attract a lot of attention! The Primal Jeanery Collection are jeans designed for those who love or simply just want to be the center of attention. Lucidly put, the Primal Jeanery Collection is intended for those who dare to walk on the wild side.

What makes Rudeeely Arrogant jeans primal? Great question, undeniably the quality artisanship, a sprinkle of rock star, and instinctive focus on sex appeal. Designer, the imagination of Lu Cain, or Lu Cain for short, created the collection using hues black, white, and grey. The hues are inspiration from the Blackout Seasonless Collection ‘23. The denim jean collection will include wide legs, slim relax fit, baggy fit, relaxed fit, and cropped jean fit types. The Primal Jeanery Collection is set to hit the fashion world and streets in 2024. Fashion gods let’s bring these bad ass jeans to life!

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